How to Win at Blackjack Every Time

Blackjack is among the most beloved casino games. So it’s no wonder you probably want to master it and get the insight information that can help you enhance your odds of winning. You better join a Blackjack table or turn on your computer and log into your preferred virtual casino, because we’re about to get started.

Own the Game of Blackjack

Given that Blackjack is a strategy game, you need to master the basic rules before you can move on to details. When you learn the rules, you will require practice in order to improve your skills. By following these steps, you will manage to become a Blackjack player almost nobody is able to beat. Luckily for you, I have gathered all the details relevant to your goal, so you would not have to. I will make sure to list them all for you, as well as go through them with you step by step. By the end of our journey, you will be prepared to play Blackjack for real money. Not only will you be ready, but you will also feel confident enough to use different tricks and strategies. Big winnings may be just around the corner.

Learn the Basics

Before you let yourself get carried away by the unique atmosphere of a casino, you have to familiarize with the game first. That goes for every single game that requires strategic thinking, and Blackjack is no exception. Therefore, you should be patient because you will have plenty of time to hang around with experienced gamblers, and enjoy the sensation of being at a casino. However, in order to achieve that, you have to start from scratch.


How the Game Works: Moves and How to Manage Them

Fortunately, the concept of Blackjack is not difficult to grasp. Your goal is to get to 21 in order to beat the dealer. That is simple enough to memorize. However, there are certain betting strategies you need to include in your game to make it as profitable as possible in the long run. Other than the basic moves, such as hit and stand, which means requesting another card and limiting yourself to the ones you already have, there are some other possibilities.

In case the possibility of you winning is strong in your opinion, you can double down. If you do, your original bet will be twice as big, and you will get another card.

Furthermore, if your hand contains two cards of the same kind, you can opt for splitting them. Upon making that move, you will have two separate hands with a bet attached to each one of them.

Lastly, it’s crucial that you’re conscious of the surrender option. If you have this option, you do not have to play out every hand you get. Basically, surrendering means giving up in order to save half of your wager. Players do it when they estimate their hand as easily beatable. Unfortunately, this option is seldom available at land-based casinos. Luckily enough, there is a vast number of virtual casinos that offer it.

Decrease the House Edge

The favored position of the dealer lies in the fact that the players have no knowledge of their face-down card — This card is also known as the hole card. Notwithstanding, you can overcome this obstacle. The point is to know how to react to your cards and the cards of other players, as well as the dealer’s visible card. The point is to predict as accurately as possible what the hole card may be.

Know What Card to Play

Although you can sometimes find yourself in an unfamiliar situation during a game, there are some recommended moves depending on the dealer’s face-up card. The basic strategy chart is available online, so you can try to memorize it. For all the other circumstances — Practice makes perfect.

Know the Casino’s Rules

casino rules

Sometimes the rules of the game differ from one casino to another, depending on their terms. For instance, although the rule states that the dealer stands on 17, certain casinos allow the dealer to hit on the soft 17. This means that one of their cards is an Ace, so they don’t have to stop at 17. This is how they try to raise the house advantage, which is why you should avoid such places. In addition to that, I strongly advise you not to play at land-based casinos that use machines for shuffling the cards, because they make card counting (more about it later) impossible. Another way a casino makes this action difficult is by introducing additional decks into the game.

Just like the rules, the ways of delivering payments may differ depending on a casino. You ought to opt for the ones that offer 3:2 when you land the natural Blackjack (21 on the first two cards you get). That way, you will be paid $3 for every $2 you have bet.

Create a Betting Strategy and Stick to It

As I have previously stated, Blackjack is a game based on strategy — Which is why you ought to create one. Decide how to bet and stand by your decision. Raising your bet is something you should do only when the odds are in your favor. For instance, you can raise it by a dollar when your chances seem good, and place small bets after the cards have been shuffled. Prevent yourself from going on a long losing streak.

What Not to Do

You will have the right to lay a side bet. This is a form of protection in case the dealer has a Blackjack. If they do, you will collect the money from the side bet, but you will lose your original bet. In the long term, making this move will bring money to the casino, not you.

Become a Card Counter

As a way of keeping track of the cards, and guessing the hole card, you can learn some tips and tricks that involve card counting.

blackjack how to win

First of all, you must know how much points each card is worth. According to a well-known method, the value of the cards from 2 to 6 is one point. The next three cards are worth zero points. The remaining cards, which include tens, aces, and face cards are assigned a negative one point.

However, before you are proficient enough to use this method efficiently during a game, you need to practice. Repeat the process over and over again, until you feel confident enough to be sure you can do it without dragging it out.

Outsmart the Casino

In case the particular casino you have entered uses more than one deck, know that the reason is to prevent players from counting the cards. Nevertheless, do not panic — There is a solution to the problem, and it is called true count. Basically, you keep the running count and divide it by the number of decks incorporated in the game. This strategy also requires a lot of practice given that it implies dividing fractions. However, do not let this discourage you. All you need is a few decks, some time and patience, and you can get used to it.

While you may have perfect conditions for practicing at home, keep in mind that casinos are crowded, noisy places. They make it harder for you to count the cards, and can even break your concentration completely. Therefore, when you feel comfortable enough, try to make the conditions in your home as close to the ones in a casino. Incorporate some distractions into your practicing process so that you feel more secure when it comes to playing for money.

In spite of being completely legal, casinos try to repress card counting for an obvious reason —It lowers the house edge. Therefore, if you want to show your face in the casino where you have been on a winning streak thanks to card counting, act natural. Do not let anyone know or even assume what you have been doing.

May the Chances Ever Be in Your Favor

Assuming you have never participated in a single game of Blackjack, all the pieces of information I have given you probably seem scary. However, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is to memorize the rules and the moves — After all, they are not so numerous. After you have done that, move on to practice and tricks. If this game interests you, you must have the talent for mastering it. Believe in yourself and take it easy — Good things come to those who wait.

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